Timber Infestation and Damp Diagnosis

I am an RTS Certificated ‘Timber Infestation and Damp Diagnostic’ Surveyor.

In this respect I am able to provide professional advice as to problems in buildings with ‘Wood Boring Beetle infestation’. I can also diagnose and report on Timber Rot problems which are usually associated with damp conditions.

Having diagnosed the type of problem, I can then advise if it is possible to treat the outbreak on a DIY basis, or whether it is necessary to call in a professional Timber Treatment company (who will normally provide at least a 10 year guarantee against re-infestation).

Diagnosis of the infestation or rot problem will include recommendations as to the type of chemical preservative liquid to be employed, and the best method of applying this.

In the case of Damp diagnosis, I can identify the areas affected and offer possible solutions to the problem. Solutions may include the digging out of the ground externally to insert land drains where the inner floors are lower than the level of the garden. Tanking of a basement; installation of an underfloor membrane (DPM), or simply dry-lining a wall to hide the effects of dampness from internal decorative surfaces.

It must be appreciated, however, that most old houses in France were built without any form of Damp Proof Course (DPC or DPM) in the walls, and therefore whilst dampness may be present, it may be extremely difficult to permanently eradicate this.

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