Terms and Conditions

In carrying out a Survey, which is often done at short notice for clients living in the UK, a certain amount of trust is needed on both sides. Before a Survey can be carried out I require a signed Devis or other written authority (normally emailed when the instruction is given.) The Devis will quote a fixed price for the job, and is payable in full (including TVA) at the time of the instruction. In France a Devis is a legal contract.

As many clients do not have a French bank account at the time of instruction, the most used and convenient method of payment is by using a UK credit or debit card through the secure PayPal system. I generate an invoice which is emailed to you by PayPal and you pay this ‘on line’. The cost of the PayPal transaction is included in the fee quoted to you.

It is possible to pay by International Electronic Bank to Bank transfer (similar to the BACs system). This takes up to 5 days to effect the transfer and is more expensive. The system debits your UK bank in Sterling and credits my French Bank in Euros, the exchange rate is determined by your bank on the day. All transfer fees must be paid by the client.

If you intend to pay using a non-French Euro cheque, then an additional 20€ must be added to the total transfer figure to cover the French Bank charge for deposit.

Access arrangements for the survey are usually arranged by me with direct contact with the Agents or vendor. If for any reason I am unable to access any part of the property, this will be stated in the Report. If a further visit to the site is subsequently required this will be done on payment of an additional fee.

The following paragraph is included on all written Reports:

“Please note that all opinions and comments in this Report are those of the Surveyor made in the light of the site visit carried out on the day indicated in this Report. Working with due diligence, any faults discovered have been included in this Report as comments, but no legal responsibility can be accepted for the accuracy of the opinions nor for any omission from the Report of any items which were concealed at the time of the visit either deliberately or by accident by persons associated with the sale of the property or any person whom may have carried out work on their behalf in the past. Similarly no responsibility can be held against the Surveyor for any future faults which may come to light after his visit, and which could not reasonably been seen at the time.”

The following paragraphs set out the limitations of my inspection and report:

During my inspection of the premises I will check all visible exposed and accessible elements of construction in order to identify any shortcomings which are likely to adversely affect the use of the property or give rise to expenditure in the future. I will consider the condition and durability of the building fabric in the context of the type and age of the property, the need for repairs or special maintenance and where appropriate, comment upon the suitability of the structure for its proposed use.

Normally, only the main house is included in the survey and separate Gites, annexes and outbuildings are excluded unless you specifically ask for them to be included at the time of instructing the survey. This may result in an additional fee.

The survey is conducted visually on a ‘non-destructive’ basis, this means that I cannot lift floorboards, move heavy items of furniture or fitted carpets, or break into any closed-off areas of the property such as roof voids with no access hatches. The Report will specifically exclude all covered, unexposed or inaccessible areas and buried elements of construction such as foundations and built-in steels and timbers. My inspection is conducted at ground level or such points of access which can be reached by a 3 metre ladder.

My inspection does not include tests on any service installations, swimming pools or associated equipment; incoming mains; wastes or drains and I am not qualified to test any electrical wiring or heating systems. I will note any obvious defects and recommend them for appropriate further specialist investigation.

My inspection is confined to the structure of the building(s) itself.  I do not report on land included in the sale, neither do I measure the plot nor determine the positions of the boundaries (this is the work of an Expert Geométre – land surveyor in English).  I will, however, make comments in the Report as appropriate, concerning nearby potential items of nuisance which may have a detrimental effect on the living conditions or which may affect the value of a property such as adjacent railway lines, pig farms, industrial units etc.

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