Surveys on old or new properties

We undertake surveys on all types of property whatever their age or condition.

Most clients require a “Full structural survey“, to establish that the building is safe and that if structural defects are present what action will be required to put this right and roughly how much will the work cost. This type of survey constitutes the majority of our work here in France as most properties purchased by English speaking clients are old and full of character, and because of this are likely to have some defects.

However,sometimes clients simply want to be reassured that the property they are about to buy has no major defects, particularly if it has recently been renovated or if it is relatively modern. The property may just need some relatively minor works to electrics, plumbing or the roof. For this a ‘Verbal survey’ may be all that is required, where we do a full inspection but do not write a full report afterwards, we simply take notes and then discuss with the client, either on-site or by telephone afterwards.

A full survey, either with a written report or a verbal report, we believe is essential when buying in France, as so often defects can be ‘spotted’ at the outset and budgeted for immediately even if the works are non-urgent.