Surveys for large or small properties

Whether buying a chateau or a small cottage, our job is to inspect the fabric of the building and to look for defects.

One of the most interesting parts of our work is the variety of properties we are asked to inspect. There are such a variety of building construction methods involved, particularly where very old properties have been renovated and modern materials and building practices have been used with the old materials and methods of construction. We are trained to notice where defects occur and to advise on remedial works to correct these.

Usually the combination of old and new works well, but sometimes it is necessary for us to advise that original type materials such as lime mortar be used.

Lime mortar allows walls to ‘breathe’ and thus keep down dampness. The use of cement as a render, particularly common in the 1960’s was widespread in France and at that time was considered a wonderful ‘modernisation’ of a house. 50 years later we find that cement render is a bad mistake as it locks-in dampness in a wall and often causes rising damp internally.

This is just one example of us being able to inspect a building and advise on any changes required or remedial work needed.