Survey Fees

For a full Structural Survey with a written Report for an average size property (3 or 4 bedrooms) the charge for the survey is 850€, plus traveling costs at 40€ per hour. This fee includes the costs of payment by PayPal. There will be an additional fee charged for overnight accommodation if the distance to the site warrants this, normally a figure of €150.

Fees for larger properties are generally based on a rate of 0.5% of the purchase price but are negotiable.      If room layout plans are required there is an additional fee of €60  All fees are plus TVA .

Under the present rules the TVA* rate can be reduced from 20% to 10% if the work is associated with renovations provided the property is over 2 years old.

This fee covers only the main property, additional fees apply for separate Gîtes, annexes or other outbuildings.  If you wish these to be included in the survey report then an additional fee may apply.

Give me a ring without any obligation, to talk about your prospective purchase, and I will be pleased to quote a fixed price for the work.

All quotes and deliverables are covered by our terms and conditions.

For a ‘verbal’ survey or site meeting

This is very dependent upon the size and type of property and the areas you want me to look at. But as a general guide I would be looking at a fee of around 600€ (including traveling up to 1 hours from base) plus TVA.

For a ‘Stand alone’ timber infestation or damp diagnostic survey

Again this is dependent upon the size and type of the property. As a guide I would normally charge 300€ (plus traveling if further than 1 hour from base) plus TVA.

*TVA is the equivalent of UK VAT