Our Services

Most of our Survey work is based on the old fashioned – ‘Structural Survey’. I visit the site and usually spend a full day looking at all aspects of the property from the roof down to the drains!

I include an overview of the Services connected and, if required, draw a plan of the building showing the internal dimensions as this is not usually provided by Agents.

I then prepare a full written Report (see Examples of Written Reports) and include photographs of defects identified in the text to make it easy for you to understand the problem. This includes a timber infestation and damp report if appropriate.

The Report is normally at least 30 pages. The Report is normally supplied by email in PDF format direct to your computer so that you can run off as many copies as you wish, and more importantly can view the photographs clearly.

I can also arrange to meet clients ‘on site’ to discuss specific problems, or renovation ideas, where a written Report is not required, but our input is.