New Regulations regarding your property

Smoke Alarm

As from 8th March 2015 every residential property legally requires smoke detectors.

In all cases it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure their presence, whether this is your main home, a holiday home, seasonal or permanent rental property. These smoke detectors need to be fitted in corridors and hallways that lead to rooms being used regularly such as living rooms or bedrooms. (But not in kitchens bathrooms or garages).

All houses need at least one detector.

You can check this on one of the official websites:

So what sort of smoke detector do you need? The bottom line is that the code on the product should read NF EN 14604 – NF stands for Norme Francaise. Please make sure you keep the receipt as proof of purchase.

You should let your insurer know that you have installed these smoke detectors. A suggested wording for the letter is to be found on the above website.

The EU official data says that smoke detectors marked CE are acceptable, but as with many electrical appliances, the French government department responsible has indicated that only NF EN 14604 marked detectors will be acceptable. In this respect, my advice is that if you have UK sourced detectors fitted that you buy at least one French NF marked detector to comply.

At present Carbon Monoxide (Co) detectors are not legally required, but if you have a coal, gas or log-burning appliance in the premises they are a good idea.