New Legislation – Insulation

Obligation to insulate existing buildings.
A new decree ( n° 2016-711 du 30mai 2016) makes it obligatory to put insulation in place when
working on the façades of buildings, replacing roof coverings or developing a building which is not
registered as habitation in to habitation. This insulation work can also be referred to as “ travaux
embarqués “ ( works started).
The text, which comes in to force from 1st January 2017, indicates that ALL Devis created after
the 1st of January 2017 will be effected by the decree which will concern project managers,
both public and private, architects, site agents, specialist consultants, INDIVIDUALS, businesses
and artisans. This decree applies to ALL buildings used for habitation, offices, commercial
premises and hotels.
The works concern the replacement/renovation of external render and other existing external
wall surfaces if it is intended to renew/renovate more than 50% of the existing external wall
surface of a building which is or will be heated internally.
This also applies if more than 50% of an existing roof covering (less openings) is to be replaced.
In both of these situations it is obligatory to insulate to current standards.
Also, in the case of the development of buildings/spaces which are not habitable in to habitation
(includes development of greniers / attic spaces and, most notably, barn conversions) the
installation of thermal insulation is obligatory if the floor area exceeds 5m2. In this case it applies
only to opaque sections of construction (walls, roofs etc.) which are the external envelope of the
building, i.e. not walls which divide internal spaces.
This is probably the first step in bringing the thermal regulations which are now obligatory for
new build projects and extensions to bear on existing structures and could mean that exposed
stonework on the internal face of external walls will no longer be possible.